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We are comprehensive global provider of custom software development, web design, SEO, payroll outsourcing and rewards brokers.

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We offer all the web based business solutions most businesses need- all from one company-at pricing that is far more affordable that you might think.  We have handled the online marketing mandate for thousands of businesses, enabling them to focus on their core business processes. We have in-depth understanding of the needs of customers in various industries, in addition to extensive experience, and have developed our services based on that.

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A comprehensive HR service that gives you the freedom to focus on growth and opportunity As your business grows, your challenges multiply. With pa.slsmain.com, you don�t have to go it alone.


The Strategic Innovation Methodology is a robust step-by-step process, the purpose of which is to identify what and how has to be changed (hence Innovation) in the current competitive situation to gain a sustainable competitive advantage that would enable achievement of a chosen strategic objective (hence Strategic) such as growth, etc.


Our neuromarketing services allow marketers, advertisers, developers and more assess the true emotional impact of their website, product, promotion or design. Neuromeasurement tools, such as EEG and GSR are a natural complement to eye tracking and present the next step of innovation in behavioral research.


We can give you the tax sophistication of a major public corporation, without the required in-house investment. Our tax outsourcing team offers the specialized skills and technologies that can make the tax function a key component of your business strategy�improving your risk management, making a positive impact on your bottom line and freeing up your finance department to focus on other strategic issues.


SLS Panamás Accounting Services Group provides the support, objectivity and expertise businesses need to succeed within the context of an ever-changing business landscape. We offer a broad spectrum of accounting, financial, and consulting services across a number of industries to give business owners and managers the insight they need to prosper.


We support CEOs, CFOs, controllers and treasurers to optimize the structure of their finance functions to improve their contribution to the business. We structure our support to ensure that finance addresses the challenges of achieving appropriate standards of control, efficient back office opportunities and support to the business through insight and challenge.


We know how hard it can be to manage administrative/secretarial work, such as data entry, database management, email responding, setting appointments and online research. These time-consuming repetitive tasks are better outsourced to virtual office assistants or virtual secretaries, as you focus on the most important area of your business, which is to provide better service to gain more clients and grow your business.


Our digital marketing services deliver the strategy that skyrockets your business to new heights, whether your marketing needs are ongoing or a one-off project. Outsource marketing enables companies to ramp up their marketing efforts while only paying for marketing services as they need them.


SLS Panamá specializes in payroll processing services and is a preferred partner for a substantial number of clients. We provide more than 99% accuracy in payroll processing and have a team of highly qualified chartered accountants who focus exclusively on the payroll.

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You can develop any project with the support of a team with experience and deep knowledge in any of the administration fields.  When you hire SLSPanama, your operation gets efficient having more work done for the same amount than if you have employees on your office.

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